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Oh damn, I purposely waited with posting for quite a while until I’d have done sth about header/layout stuff etc but right now it's kinda like ukku and I are again like >eehrr, we dunno<

so there's currently nothing (!?) xD

And then…I forgot, I thought I’d posted already “¦D


but I didn’t! so there’s now time to squeeee about the fashion show *___*

The event lays back weeks now but I still remember awesomeness ♥♥♥


You saw the conceptual design in former entries, here’s the sewed piece from all viewpoints =)

some know the one with the mysterious cigarette already xD

sry, couldn't find a bigger one

same here

my whole “Scottish taste” group <3


Being on stage is so much fun, I loved it and tlly look forward to next year x3


Another forgotten one


drew this back in April while watching the movie where they all meet for the  first time.

Picture is crappy and awry and done with my head going left --> TV, right --> lap, to and fro the whole time %D



..Sad matter, my cousin had an accident jumping into a lake, the water was not deep enough, now he’s  paraplegic.

I don’t see him often, 2/3 times a year but my family is very close and it was shocking.

Please take care guys, accidents happen so quickly and sudden.


To people knowing FMA, hope you get the message in there,


recent stuff

Sheer (l.) & Chimit, OC’s <3


Ritsuka (Loveless), because I realized I can’t draw catboys without laughing about myself anymore, so it had to be fanart ¦D

(besides, this is no nail polish on his toes....kchhhlulz)




Cause I’m just goddamn proud to not have forgotten to save JPEG’s and screenshots once in a while during process >D

So this is step-by-step’s with little explanation =)

(not like anyone could learn from me, but dang! I saved steps! XDD )

prepare for scrolling, pls



Finished version first:

higher quality on devArt =3


Now, idea first, happened to be done in SAI

Continuing in Photoshop, wischiwaschi lines

Deciding on basic-colors

Coloring around a little just to get more colors,

at this point I decided whether I wanted to get serious about the picture or not, and since its yes, I took a deep breath and fixed the shitty proportions what is like overpainting completely ¦D


At this point my workplace looked like this =0

white-layer is white

concept-layer is the SAI supported idea

colo-layer is first linelayer merged with basic-color-layer

sketch Kopie-layer is a copy of the lines, only visible in case I lose focus completely xD


Working out the whole stuff…

…continuing with this…(the bright dot on her shoulder is my “more contrast” remembrance)


Not much of a change in layer handling 8D

Ebene1-layer is for trying out stuff etc. nothing srs~

Don’t forget to mirror your pictures once in a while 8D


Adding contrast and still working out


Nooooowww, I hate working on more than one layer because I always forget switching layers and thus always draw on the wrong one anyway D¦ , but the background stuff was just easier being stacked


Check-layer = Ebene1-layer, only names changed for a reason I don’t know

Ebene2-layer = plain black layer set on “Saturation” to check contrast once in a while

Seerosen weiß-layer = well…white parts of water lilies

Seerosen grün-layer = green parts of water lilies (= lily pads)


Adding texture and still working out


Yep, you may laugh about me seeing I confused myself with three layers of texture, it’s really as senseless as it looks xD

Texture is by Princess-of-Shadows from DA =) <3 (I turquoised it)


Working out details and smoothing a bit because the original size looked really messy


Detailing is dangerous! 8D One easily loses focus on the overall view, that’s why I usually do this when working up to close

Now the picture is twice there and I can work on both at the same time.

What I do in one picture also happens in the other one, so I can e.g. modify details on the left and see how it looks like from far away on the right ^^


That “trick” wasn’t really needed for my picture here (I hardly need it anyway because my pictures usually don't have details XD ) but maybe some of you can find it useful =)


Only slight changes on details and colors, DONE ^^


Uuhmuhmm…I hope this entry is not TOO long 8D

3.6.09 04:32

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ukku (3.6.09 10:35)
Woah, ihr seid ja eine Klasse voller Supermodels D8 fesch fesch
and YOU RULE, weil du hast das einzige Kostüm mit Hose und Assymetrie (zumindest soweit ich das seh) !

you sure like textures =D ! und bei dir sehn die immer so... passend aus! Ist nicht ganz einfach, dass es nicht nur so draufgklatscht ausschaut.

und... du kannst Photoshop auf englisch erklären. Respekt. xD
Aus mir kommt selbst nur "uuuuhh..." raus, wenn mich nur so mal jemand fragt.

jb (3.6.09 13:12)
uuhhhh, thanks dear <3

wir hatten noch ne zweite mit hose (die sieht man aufm gruppenbild kaum), und das ganze hatte sogar sinn, auch die aufteilung der stoffe, wer mehr hell oder mehr karo trägt, aaaaalles durchgeplant. Nur hat sich im endeffekt keiner dran gehalten oder es wurde verwechselt und vergessen und alles war fürn arsch xD ich hab mich echt noch gewundert dass wir als gesamtbild doch nich nur nach fail aussehen lol

ich habs gefühl texturen sind das einzige was meinen bildern noch bisschen wuuhhh-effekt gibt ¦,D *pathetic*

haha xD

parya / Website (7.6.09 15:39)
OMG...du warst das da auf der bühne? *O*;; total hübsch!!und echt ein superdesign!! meine schwester will auch modedesign studieren, wird sicher toll *__* und deine skizzen sind auch total dynamisch, mag besonders die langen beine und hübschen gesichter

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