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not an inch

of nervousness ö___ö


So is this now good or bad? I'm going to be away for around 6 weeks and haven't even packed yet. Damn, that's so like me....

Guess I'll end up suddenly starting to cry and squee tomorrow.


Gathered loads of stuff for here to upload and didn't manage to do so up untill now. I'm sorry but it's going to be A LOT again ¦,D

And it'll be more photographs than drawings ^^°


Here, half of my sketchbook (yay, I never used those but I'm kinda getting used to it =D )

faces drawn from statues in a park in stuttgart called "lapidarium", horses of my uncle and a classmate 8D

nargh, generally, sorry for size n stuff. Missjudged a lot, your hand will ache from scrolling )=

task for teacher 0=

Mihashi (l) and Abe from Oofuri, drawn after accidentally stumbling over spoilers T___T It looks as poor.

 present for my now-50 dad <3 His wish is to own a castle and have a life including peaceful fishing only xD

aweful anatomy, poor guy, like him though 8D

  another old sketch. The only resent thing is this ↓

OC Veysel, drawn with my new and fancy and super awesome INTUOS 4 *____*

naaaahwwwww <3 I wished for a new graphic pad for..uhm...3 years now? Never bought one since my Volito² worked flawless and still does, but 512 pressure sensitivity just can't compare to 2048 *faints* ´¦D

But I went through so much trouble because of it ),= When I got and tried it out for the first time and it worked around 2h, then suddenly the pen broke. Dunno what happend, I tried like everything, but even the support on the phone told me it was busted and I was to send it back.

Again weeks of desperate waiting! ´___`

 ...First thing I did when getting the new new new and working one (on the picture above), finishing the first image I had started with the old new one 8D

It's free willi! Cause everything happend around the time Michael Jackson died D,=


Keeping me busy like always, school! And this stuff's to blame:

My class had a vernissage with auction in school to earn some money for school trips, fashion show etc. So we painted pictures. On canvas. Above you see a scan of a scan of a sketch for a picture I intended to draw.

Below, WIP on canvas (unfortunately, I suck with acrylics xD)

I even painted, still unskilled, another one for charity so we wouldn't get in trouble cause of selfishly earning money for only class *hand/forehead*

My desk was a mess. That's why I don't like working with acryl D=

But the vernissage was a bunchful fun though =DDD We got a lot of money in the end and 4 people told me I'm SO made for being a salesman! XD

My pictures brought btw, the first one, 45€, second one, 25€ =)

Plus - I was so flattered - a man was so fond of one of my school drawings, he wanted to buy it %D It wasn't on canvas, not drawn for the auction so we handled it privately.

It's a collage. Flesh is drawn, clothing cut out from the original picture (which came from any magazine).

The outer lines were traced so drawn and glued pieces would certainly fit together later, inner outlines (face etc) were as good as possible copied from the original. Most important was the coloration with colored pencils.

Here some close ups =)

 Sorry for the bad quality, it's only a photograph because the thing never even saw home 8D

Btw, I'm horrible at judging prices, I had no idea what to request from the man sooo I ended up getting 20€. Tlly alright for me since I'm happy enough someone likes a picture from me so much he'd even pay for it =D


Now, I'm stopping here, though I'm not yet done. Still lots to post, but I'm scared shitless will break @___@ And left to upload is almost only photographs. I'll do this iiiiin eh 5/6 hours when I'm hopefully done with packing XD


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